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Prospective Paresseuse

(solo show)


September 3 ___ October 2, 2021


Ateliers Vortex

71 - 73 rue des Rotondes

21000 Dijon



Artefacts Googie



23 July 2021 ___ ...


Librairie du Consortium,

Consortium Museum

– 37 rue de Longvic

21000 Dijon



Frac Franche-Comté

- 2, passage des arts

25000 Besançon



Eighties lo-fi (part I)

(solo show)


10 july 2021 ___ ...


Vent des Forêts,

Rural contemporary art space

- 21 rue des Tassons

55 260 Fresnes-au-Mont


The many faced God.dess

(group show)


May 19 ___ July 10, 2021


Maison Populaire

- 9 bis rue Dombasle

93100 Montreuil




Caelestis Office

Young Contemporary Creation

Lyon Biennale 2019

(group show)


September 16, 2020 ___ January 05, 2021


Institut d’Art Contemporain

- 11 rue Docteur Dolard

69100 Villeurbanne




(group show)


February 09 ___ May 18, 2019


Villa du Parc

Parc Montessuit

– 12, rue de Genève

74100 Annemasse





Delight on Enceladus

(solo show)


November 16, 2018 ___ March 9, 2019


les Galeries Nomades, avec l'IAC

Galerie Antichambre

- 15 rue de Boigne

73000 Chambéry


Duo Duel Dual

(duo show)


May 15 ___ June 09, 2018


Galerie B+

- 1 rue Chalopin

69007 Lyon




63rd Montrouge show

(group show)


April 28 ___ May 23, 2018


Le Beffroi de Montrouge

- 2 place Emile Cresp

92120 Montrouge


Last Night lo-fi

Biennale of young contemporary creation, Mulhouse

(group show)


June 10 ___ June 13, 2017


Parc expo de Mulhouse

- 120 rue Lefebvre

68100 Mulhouse



Hell and Heaven Bank Note

Paris Prize

(group show)


Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon

- 8 bis quai Saint-Vincent

69001 Lyon



The best lasers for the best raves

Renaud Foundation Prize

(group show)


Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon

- 8 bis quai Saint-Vincent

69001 Lyon



about the exhibition:


Prospective Paresseuse is oriented towards a field of investigation, mixing science fiction and mysticism.

This dark and forward-looking research universe is guided by questions about our understanding of science in the near future; At a time when the operation of our technologies and the devices around us is managed by complex software, science is set to become mysterious, almost esoteric.

When will the shift from science to magic take place?

What form will the sacred take in the near future?

about the exhibition:


This series of sculptures is inspired by the symbols of the Googie, an architectural style that appeared in California in the early 1950s.

This style is characterized by multiple physical elements and bright colors. At that time, he represented a positive vision of the future, turned towards space and technology.

The series of pieces reinterprets the codes of this unusual architecture while introducing natural materials and an artisanal aspect.

It aims to reactivate this resolutely optimistic future while adapting it to our contemporary considerations.


about the exhibition:


This first part of a larger-scale installation presents a figure kneeling in an offering position, featuring a glass alienoid head.

This scene suggests a ritual in progress, without fixing its outlines or the stakes.

It will unfold with the appearance of various monuments evoking a sanctuary with

multiple references, both Gallo-Roman and prospective.

about the installation:


These wooden altarpieces stage body fragments with disturbing sensuality.

Each image represents a divine creature of undefined gender immersed in a contemporary situation.

The altarpieces, worn and dirty, seem to have been taken from a city made of flesh. The whole evokes a science fiction universe that is both mystical and carnal.

about the installation:


Caelestis Office functions as an anteroom stuck between two eras.

The pieces that compose it evoke ancient Mediterranean goddesses,

transformed into public sculptures and eroded by time.

In the space there is an atmosphere reminiscent of the waiting rooms of the 80s, nostalgic and obsolete, in full decline.


about the installation:


This installation refers to Sedona, the American capital of the New Age.

These artefacts come from multiple sources of New Age inspiration, from the Venus of Sireuil to the alien of area 51. 22 long rifle bullets are embedded in each of the pieces in specific areas, symbolizing as much the chakra points as the vital impact points of American shooting targets.

about the exhibition:


Delight on Enceladus is an installation on the notion of visual noise: a retinal disturbance, which can be found as much in the splendor of the Sicilian baroque as in the swarming of Danmaku, a style of Japanese video games. Enceladus plays there the role of tutelary figure by his double identity; that of the mythological giant trapped under Etna, and that of the icy satellite of Jupiter, potentially the bearer of life.

about the installation:


Like the tiered cocktails from which they are inspired, these two sculptures are thought out in layers, each necessary to maintain the next.

This is less about a crushing of materials, than a formal composition reminiscent of the Googie style, flagship of the American 1950s.

about the installation:


In Gustave Flaubert's Salammbô, the gardens of Hamilcar, sumptuous and exotic, will be plundered and destroyed by an army of mercenaries. The description of these gardens tells as much about their wealth as about the devastation to come.

They appear ambivalent, and ruin mingles with greatness.

about the installation:


Last night lo-fi is an installation linked to fantasies and nostalgia.

It evokes two approaches to desire, different by their times. This installation is inspired by the series of prints Ein Handschuh by Max Klinger, completed in 1881.

It stages a love quest, through the discovery of a glove by a young man. Last night lo-fi also reinterprets the codes of vaporwave, a musical genre that has its roots in a nostalgia for the 80s.

about the installation:


This installation is made up of various interrelated elements to offer

a phantasmagorical journey between science fiction and New Age spirit, tinged with unknown infectious fears common to all great expeditions.

about the installation:


This installation pays homage to the first lasers used in rave parties at the end of the 1980s. The laser was then imagined as a forward-looking technology and permanently subscribed to the codes of science fiction. The prospective universe he anticipated has since become obsolete imagery.



__selected exhibitions:
__selected exhibitions:
__selected exhibitions: