Delight on Enceladus

(solo show)


November 16, 2018 ___ March 9, 2019


les Galeries Nomades, avec l'IAC

Galerie Antichambre

- 15 rue de Boigne

73000 Chambéry


visuals : Blaise Adilon

text : Thomas Conchou


materials: wood, ceramics, lacquers, corals, paintings, brass, offset, volcanic rock.

(variable dimensions)



Delight on Enceladus is an installation on the notion of visual noise: a retinal disturbance, which can be found as much in the splendor of the Sicilian baroque as in the swarming of Danmaku, a style of Japanese video games.

Enceladus plays there the role of tutelary figure by his double identity; that of the mythological giant trapped under Etna, and that of the icy satellite of Jupiter, potentially the bearer of life.