(group show)


February 09 ___ May 18, 2019


Villa du Parc

Parc Montessuit

– 12, rue de Genève

74100 Annemasse



curators : Le Syndicat Magnifique

visuals : Aurélien Mole

text : Le Syndicat Magnifique


with : Cédric Esturillo, Julie Grosche, Jade Gordon & Megan Whitmarsh, Anne-Sarah Huet, Carin Klonowski, Lou Masduraud, Shana Moulton, MSHR, Tabita Rezaire and Adam Ulbert. And with Tom Dongo.


materials: wood, ceramic, drawing, paintings, brass, teinted medium

(variable dimensions)



This installation refers to Sedona, the american capital of the New Age. These artefacts come from multiple sources of New Age inspiration, from the Venus of Sireuil to the alien of area 51. 22 long rifle bullets are embedded in each of the pieces in specific areas, symbolizing as much the chakra points as the vital impact points of American shooting targets.

Throughout the exhibition, semi-functional structures, reminiscent of mid-century modern design, welcome the works and sculptures of the exhibition between their rocky reliefs.