Prospective Paresseuse

(solo show)

September 3 ___ October 2, 2021


Ateliers Vortex, 71 - 73 rue des Rotondes, 21000 Dijon


curators : Annelise Ragno and Fiona Lindron

visuals : Siouzie Albiach

text : Carine Klonowski


materials: wood, paint, iron, ceramic, jewelry, seashell, physiological serum, latex, hair, earth, plants, snake molts, flies, spiders, tarpaulin.

(variable dimensions)



Prospective Paresseuse is oriented towards a field of investigation, mixing science fiction and mysticism.

This dark and forward-looking research universe is guided by questions about our understanding of science in the near future; At a time when the operation of our technologies and the devices around us is managed by complex software, science is set to become mysterious, almost esoteric.

When will the shift from science to magic take place?

What form will the sacred take in the near future?